View Full Version : SE Yamhill and 28th

02-28-2006, 12:16 PM
I was biking after dark (9pm or so) from Hal's Tavern to the Watering Trough and got off Belmont 'coz I almost got runover by an SUV there. I was cruising down Yamhill at ~20mph and went through an intersection with a stop sign in the OTHER directions (not mine) and in the middle of the intersection I saw a motorcycle bombing northbound down the hill towards me, clearly with no intention of stopping. I screamed and slammed down on my pedals and barely made it through unscathed as he blew through the stop sign at ~30mph.

I didn't have my light on, so I'm partially at fault, but the guy blew through the sign at an insane speed for that intersection. He'd have had to lay down his bike if he tried to stop. Scary stuff.