View Full Version : Alternative clean transport?

Joe Planner
03-26-2007, 12:37 AM
I know there must be others in my boat here. I don't have a car and I bike for most of my trips around the city, but the speed of my biking, my endurance, and the availability of bike trails/safe routes limits my access to the occasional 8-20 mile destination. I'm sure this isn't that far for a few cyclists, but my knees would disagree. Well, I'm onboard with flexcar and that's all great for some trips, but at $9-10/hr, I don't want to be reflecting on dollar signs while visiting friends, or worry about keeping my vehicle too long or whatever. Is there an electric, zero-emission alternative vehicle available in the Portland region that would nicely complement the suburban cyclist? I thought for sure there would be an electric motorcycle available, like a Vespa, but apparently not? What do other people do for these trips?

03-26-2007, 09:29 AM
You could do a few things:

1. A assist or full motor for a bike.
Found this add on motor
this morning that is simple and straight forword
being designed soley to "help" not carry the load.


click the "stokemonkey" button for info.......

2. I know a guy that bought a Chinese made electric moped. It was $500 or less on eBay. Went about 15 mph on flats. He was in San Jose CA before I moved over 6 months ago. I went to visit again a month ago and saw him happily riding it. He commutes daily on the electric scooter bike, runs errands, etc. Never gave him an ounce of trouble. Looking at it however, it was cheap plastic and I thought it would give up the ghost in 3 months. Proved me wrong.

3. For occasional uses, and longer distances...you could always pick up a Honda Metro scooter for $1500 new. Over 90 mpg possible.