View Full Version : Sun. 3/5/06 Group Ride: Eastbank–Water Front–Springwater

Steven Kung
02-28-2006, 09:32 AM
Level: EASY, flats, 2.5-mile or 10-mile options.

Date: Sunday March 5th, 2006

Time: 2pm (2:15pm Departure, RAIN or SHINE)

Cost: FREE (Smiles or Winks required; at least by end of ride)

Starting Point: Eastbank Esplanade SE Madison Street Parking Lot.
(Free parking on off-lot city streets)


Eastbank Esplanade Bike Path, Northbound

Cross over Willamette by Steel Bridge Ped/Bike Path

Southbound through Water Front Park to Marina

To OMSI via Hawthorn Bridge (optional 2.5 mile loop returns to
starting point)

For continuing riders:

Continue southbound on Eastbank Esplanade to Springwater Corridor Bike

Southbound on Springwater Corridor Bike Path to Oaks Bottom Wildlife

Continue Southbound to Sellwood Bridge (7 miles subtotal distance)

Return to Starting Point on Springwater Corridor Bike Path northbound.
(10 miles total distance).

99.99% of this ride will be on off-street paved bike paths, no automobile

This is an ideal ride to test out your bicycle, safety equipment, ride
clothing, and tool kits.

We recommend bringing the following gear:

Wireless Phone
Hooded jacket or head covering, Rain gear if necessary
Riding glasses
Tool pouch/multi-tool
Frame Pump or CO2 Inflator/Cartridges
Spare tubes/Patches
Water bottles or Hydration pack
Light Snack
Bike :) (Preferrably with fenders in case of rain)

This ride will be led by United Bicycle Institute certified mechanics;
no rider left behind.

All riders will need to sign a Liability Release Agreement before
departure. Under-18 riders please be accompanied by an adult.

This ride is sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club, a
global non-profit organization with the goal of connecting diverse
world communities through reciprocated exchange bicycle tours.

Free Bike Repair Clinics every Saturday 12p-3p at Wired Cycles, 2503 SE Division at SE 25th.


Contact: steven kung 503-957-6672 sfnkung@hotmail.com