View Full Version : Pake Urban Bikes vs. Electra Amsterdam?

Joe Planner
03-04-2007, 08:03 AM
Does anyone own one of these or ever ride one? The Pake urban bike seems a bit cheaper ($280) than the Electra Amsterdam ($550) and offers similar amenities (fenders, bike bell, laid back comfort, stylish, etc.).. Can anyone offer a review of the Pake? How does it compare to the Electra? Are there any other bikes out there in this category of bikes? I want something comfortable (nice padded seat and similar handlebar placement), easy on the legs (a few gears, at least), not terribly heavy, with a good set of fenders. Thanks!

03-04-2007, 02:46 PM
I've had the opportunity to ride them both, and I enjoyed the ride on each one. Let me try to summarize the differences:

- Drivetrain: Both Amsterdams have a 3 speed Nexus hub, the Pakes have a 6 speed derailleur.
- Crank placement: Both Amstersdams are mildly crank-forward bikes, the Pake is not.
- Frame: You can get an aluminum or steel frame in an Amsterdam, steel only in the Pake.
- Brakes: Both Amsterdams have a rear coaster brake, Pake has front & rear V-brakes.
- Chainguard: Both Amsterdams have a full chainguard, Pake has a partial.
- Both Amsterdams and the Pake have metal fenders, a bell, a sprung saddle (nothing special).
- The steel frame Amsterdam model has a rack, skirtguard, a bottle generator with front and rear lighting, and a front mudflap. The aluminum Amsterdam and the Pake do not have any of these things.

I liked the Amsterdam best. I think it is a somewhat better quality bike overall compared to the Pake. It just seems sturdier. I also prefer an internal hub gear drivetrain. That said, the Pake is a sweet little bike. To me the differences are mainly a matter of personal preference, so anyone considering buying one or the other ought to try out both.

03-04-2007, 11:30 PM
i think revolver on interstate carries both these? i think.