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01-25-2007, 06:32 PM
Call and request city maintenance attention to over-graveled bike lanes? Sounds like a great idea!

I recently called 503-823-1700, the number for reporting dangerous stretches of road, maintenance issues, etc. to report a stretch of Hall Blvd. This area, between Wall St. and Durham, has been treacherously graveled since the snow and presents a serious safety hazard - especially as it gets a pretty high volume of both cars and bikes during rush hour.
Try telling that to the maintenance phone line lady, though - "Tough Luck" was the gist of her response. No priority will be given to high-traffic hazardous (for bike) areas. Street-sweeping will proceed according to an arbitrary (not hazard-based) schedule. So high-traffic bike routes will remain threats to safety until countless other non-bike laned, car-intensive roads are tended to. Like if a whole bunch of buildings on a street were on fire and the fire department insisted on putting out every fire in order from one end of the street to the other instead of starting with the orphanage or the home for retired nuns.
Cool! I'll be sure to send these fine, friendly folks one of my severed limbs as a thank-you present when I inevitably wipe out some day soon.

01-25-2007, 08:42 PM
That location is in Tigard. The phone number is for Portland.