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01-18-2007, 08:16 PM
Ride & Park
1/21 ECT Group Rides

Sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club
We leave no riders behind.

Sunday 1/21: 45 deg. Rain unlikely.

*Please Note* Different Times for each ride.

Easy Group:
Assemble 10:00 AM, Depart 10:10 AM
Starting Point: Madison Plaza (Eastbank Esplanade & SE Madision)
17.2 miles, Lincoln St. - South Mt. Tabor - Mill St. - I-205 bike path -
Springwater Corridor

Route Map:

Intermediate Group:
Assemble: 12AM, Depart: 12:15AM
Starting Point: Madison Plaza (Eastbank Esplanade & SE Madision)
34 miles. Eastbank Esplanade to the Springwater Trail (beware of the
detour) to Sellwood. Take Umatilla to 15th, swing over to Marion and
continue to 19th. Springwater Corridor to the I-205. Take the I-205
path north to Maywood. Take a right on Shaver and continue to 141st Drive
Route Map:

Our Club Ride General Guidelines/Info:

Steven Kung, info[at]ExchangeCycleTours[.]org (503)957-6672
Aaron Tarfman, aaron[at]yourbodypower[.]org

Club Web Sites:
http://www.exchangecycletours.org (http://www.exchangecycletours.org/)