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12-08-2006, 03:59 PM
Its that time of year again!
Time for a holiday tradition you may remember from Christmas past: Cycle Santa!

It works a bit like secret santa on your bike.

The idea is to give fellow cyclists you encounter small holiday gifts
to thank them for riding, a little unexpected exchange of good
will...kinda like BonB. It can be done with cyclists you meet face to
face, stopped at lights, on the MAX and bus, or locking up at a rack.
Gifts can also be attached to bikes you encounter sans owner. In
those cases its nice to have a tag saying something like: Thanks for
Riding - Happy Holidays from your Cycle Santa!
In fact the gift could simply be a tag - kinda a random holiday card
to other cyclists - ah I'm full of ideas.

So put your thinking caps on, flex your crafty muscles, go forth and
spread the holiday good cheer!

If you would like to join others in making Cycle Santa gifts, there will be a crafting party:

When: Monday, December 11th
Time: 7pm onward
Place: 4017 NE Rodney

I'll provide cookies and mulled cider and wine; as well as some crafty supplies.
Bring crafty supplies of your own and your fabulous ideas!

Hope to see you there!


N.B. for those who are alergic, there is a cat who lives at this house

12-11-2006, 02:42 PM
For those late day electronic checkers -
I want to add the note that there is a big back yard for bikeparking at this house, just come through the gate and all the way back.