View Full Version : Successful quest finding Red tail light with Double As

Bike Bat (Carye)
02-15-2006, 01:53 PM
I thought I'd post here, in case this information is useful to anyone else.

I've been unhappy with my red tail light for sometime. It's planetbike and takes N batteries that cost $4 -5 a pop. Now that I'm a year round commuter, my batteries get low after a couple months. I have double As in my front white light (also planet bike) and a recharger. So I almost always have a bright front light - this is good.. so now that I've decided to get a new back light, It makes sense for me to get one that uses double As since I already have a charger and extra batteries. Well asking around, I was coming up with only AAAs for back lights ONLY. Today I started calling bike shops and everyone one was saying, Nope, we don't have them anymore. Someone said that all the new LED ones are more compact so that is why the smaller battery. On my fourth bike shop, River City, the sales girl took my number and said she'd do some research. She called me back with good news. Cat Eye is making a new back light called LD1000 that takes Double As, and it is super bright, has several settings, and side lighting too - and can be seen in the daytime. The price is $36 from them, but it seems like a good thing all around for me. I have the rechargeable batteries already, so there will be no more costs there for awhile. Anyway I'm ordering it now, since they don't have it in stock, so I won't know yet how easy it is to put on and off my bike and if the button is in a spot that helps it go on accidently.. Anyway I'll keep you posted. I'm happy with the CatEye Mirror I got for my bike, so I hope the same goes for the lights.