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11-29-2006, 06:26 PM
I was riding eastbound on Belmont street by the bar called Horse Brass last night. It was late, about 8:30 at night, there were two cars on the road traveling Westbound. The white toyota was turning left across my lane of traffic into a parking lot. The car stopped and waited for a second, then at the last second turned in the parking lot, cutting me off after waiting. There was no cars traveling east in my lane, just me by myself. I had to swerve to miss the white toyota, and proceed into the oncoming traffic, and there were cars behind the toyota as they (the toyota) decided to cut in front of me. I slammed on the trunk of the toyota with my fist in anger because I couldn't believe how the car seemed to wait for me to get as close to them as possible before cutting me off, forcing me into westbound, oncoming traffic where cars were lined up behind them.

I have a bright 3 LED blinking light on my handle bars, you can see it for like 3,000 feet. I know its bright because the light reflects off of everything. WTF!

02-10-2007, 04:10 PM
not as bad as my story over here.

It was a Tuesday night, I had gotten out of the bar since it was last call. From 3rd and Burnside I had rode all the way to PGE park and at the corner of Yamhill and 18th I took a left. There was only one car on the rode and had just thought it was someone going home as well. The car had followed me 10 blocks from Yamhill to 17th and Columbia, 1 block away from my house I had finally noticed the car was following me. I look back and I see the driver who was a white female with corn rose and SHE HITS ME WITH HER CAR! I fall down of course and thought to myself what the hell was that. Two males get out of the passenger sides and starts running at me while I was on the ground. They start kicking me all over but mainly in the back of my head trying to knock me out. Semi-drunk and full of adrediline I pulled out my baton which is nicely tucked into my shoulderstrap for easy access. I whip it out and started fending them off while I was still on the ground and kicking. They yelled at me wanting my wallet yet I wouldn't give it up to lowly thugs like them. Finally being able to get up and on my feet I was ready but the car had pulled up and she yelled for them to get in. One of the males (who was black) had noticed I dropped my ipod on the ground and picked it up and got in the car. I didn't get plate numbers or a good look at their faces because this was the first time that had happened to me and I didn't know what to do.. this happened around Jan 20th I forgot but yeah.. what an experience.
My bike is fine, just the headset was crooked and had to get new tubes.