View Full Version : Bike Light Parade! - Last Thursday on Alberta

cap'n pastry
11-16-2006, 05:00 PM
Donít sit at home in the dark. Donít hide your light under a bushel.
Bling it and Bring it!

Light up you bike and come on down to the Community Cycling Center, NE 17th & Alberta.
Last Thursday, Nov. 30th, gather at 5:00.

Be one of the Best and the Brightest Ė prizes awarded for :
- Mr/ Ms. Safety
- Best Artistic Expression in an Illumanitive Context
- Hey! Point that thing somewhere else, youíre blinding me!

Kickoff event for PDOTís new campaign to encourage drivers to see bikes and cyclists to get lit.
The press will be there so wear your finest and shiniest. SEE you there!