View Full Version : Electra Amsterdam(comparing other commuter bikes)What bike shops will have it in PDX?

11-13-2006, 11:24 AM
Considered Breezer (esecially the Villager and Uptown 8 model)- Pros: very good quality parts, elegant styling, internal hub and choice of 3, 7, or 8 spd models, full fenders, solid r rack, quality and comfy seat, bell, and generally comfortable and well designed grips/brake levers as nice touches, has the chain guard, hub powered generator lights, reflective tires and nice rims/hubs, decent weight at 31 lbs

Cons- Doesnt have a steel frame and fork, not a fully enclosed chain guard (although I hear 07's WILL be equipped with them), handle bars are not adjustable for height, smaller wheels that are not 700c is another downfall 2nd to the frame issue for me, Pricey at $730-900 depending on whether you get the 7 spd Villager or 8 spd Uptown model. I found the LB Shops were charging even more than retail at $950 for the Uptown 8. If it was steel frame and had 700 wheels I would have found a way to get that kind of dough together just because the plethora of nice details this bike has and it rode nicely.

Also I considered the Trek line of european style commuters. None of the LB Shops had them, and they seem to be discountinued anyway. I would have likely bought one because many bike shops in the U.S. discounted $800 bikes down to $450 and they had the fully encloded chain guard with 700c wheels and most of the above Breezer pros. However, no steel/alloy frame makes it less than ideal...so I move on.

Specialized no longer offers the Globe. That bike seemed on par with the Trek just about. Under $500 and good parts.

I tried the REI Novarra commuter bikes, Novarra Fusion (right above the highly touted Transfer model). http://www.rei.com/rei/gearshop/novara/index.html On paper they were mostly winners w/ 700 wheels, great reviews, all the right parts (even had hub brakes). Only thing I didnt like was lacking the chain guard, let alone the enclosed one I desired. I rode it and found them clunky and I found myself leaning on my wrists/not upright. Despite being marked down to $500 for the top of line REI commuter, it is not a very nice ride. Also it is the atypcial alluminum frame. I found it almost as nice to ride as a $299 bottom of the barrel equipped KHS Urban X.

I would like to check out the Biancho Milano. 8 spd internal hub standard and reasonable price of under $600. They have a coaster brake and some style. I will need to check out the frame materials, cannot recall right now (?). They are not a hub light but if the rest of the bike is snuff I could live w/ battery powered or add them later.

The Electra Amsterdam due in December has the rim powered generator light (but at least has them) and classic Denmark bike styling to boot. Like the Bianchi Milano have a simple coaster brake. I suppose less things to repair or brake will be nice. The steel frame is very refreshing. The chain is fully enclosed. They are within the budget at $459. A alluminum model will be offered at the same price. I am not sure about the level of quality the cranks and hubs are yet, or if they weigh a ton. There is a downside, only a 3 spd. Too bad it is not the 7spd or 8 spd Nexus. I hear the gears are well spaced and suited for PDX hills. I am interested in seeing one.

Anyone know where in PDX I can test ride the Bianchi Milano and upcoming Electra Amsterdam? I think REI will be carrying Electra's as well. Would like to support the LBS if they can meet $459 or below retail price and not mark them up.



11-14-2006, 07:00 PM
I think River City carries the Milano.

11-15-2006, 10:23 AM
Performance Bike down here in Tualatin has the Electra line. Not sure if they have the Amsterdam yet, but I imagine they will.

:) Kt

11-17-2006, 06:15 AM
the amsterdam will be out in time for christmas, BG will have them. REI carries electra townies, not sure about the amsterdam. electra will more than likely sell out of the first run quickly, should be a popular bike