View Full Version : Getting on the Esplanade from NE Multnomah?

11-06-2006, 08:53 AM
So, after being hit (again) on NE Broadway, I'm trying to take the Steel Bridge across instead. But I can never figure out the "correct" way to get there! I come down NE Multnomah from 21st... there are bike signs saying the Esplanade is straight ahead.

But then I either take some complicated sidewalk route (so that I can travel the wrong way on one-way streets) around the convention center, or I head through the transit center, use the pedestrian crosswalk across the max tracks, and walk my bike into the bike lane on Interstate.

Is there some way from NE Multnomah onto the Esplanade without using sidewalks or pedestrian crosswalks?


11-06-2006, 10:41 AM
I used to ride that way a lot and also struggled to find a good route. I ended up avoiding Broadway by taking a left on NE 7th (although any street from 16th to 7th should do the trick) to Lloyd Boulevard, which has a great bike lane. Once you get through the MLK light, cross the street (nice turn lane provided) and ride a short stretch of sidewalk to go under the bridge, and voila! you're at the esplanade. This always worked like a charm for me.
Good luck!