View Full Version : Chevy pick up on BHH...

norse rider
10-25-2006, 06:59 PM
Close call this morning. Flying down Beaverton Hilldale HWY right after the Fred Meyer when a pickup does a right turn with out stopping right in front of me. He, or she, was coming off a side street. Well, it was a choice between going over the hood of his, or her truck or lay myself and the bike down on the road. I chose the latter. Several stitches in my elbow (thanks to the fine folks at Kaiser) and a HUGE bruise on my hip, I am back in biz. Sore, very sore but alive and able to ride another day. No, the driver did not stop, or anyone else for that matter. I could not get a liscence plate, just a partial. Anyway I guess it could have been alot worse. The bike seems alright. I am going to take it in tomorrow and have it looked at. What makes me so pissed is that I am so obvious when I am riding. I have lights galore, blinding neon jacket, and I have reflective tape all over. No matter, they still dont see me. Be safe out there and ride hard.