View Full Version : A close call and a hit in one morning

10-25-2006, 05:19 PM
This morning at 7:45 I was riding West on Belmont. I signaled and began to turn left onto 43? when someone who was parked in front of the shop on the SW corner pulled out going east head on towards me. We both slammed on our brakes and missed by about 10 feet. He apologized with sign language and we both went on.

On my way home (at 8:30 am) to Grant Park neighborhood I was riding NB on 47th in the bike lane with full orange reflective gear. As I approached Sandy a van was idling in the bike lane as it waited for the light. I swerved to the right of it and as I approached the side street a car that was attempting to pull onto 47th grazed me. I skidded around but managed to stay on my bike and decided not to stop for discussion.

Both times I had the gear as I mentioned and lights and it was daylight.

Scary morning!


10-30-2006, 10:37 AM
this is a particularly dangerous sort of incident, where people swerve out into traffic when an obstacle turns up. if the obstacle turns up suddenly, often bikes don't have time to look behind them or stop. but if the obstacle is clear for a while, of course it's better for a biker to look behind her and stop if necessary than to get mowed down by someone who expects a bike to ride a straight line. i don't know which situation yours was, but i'm glad you're okay!