View Full Version : East on Hawthorne bridge

10-22-2006, 09:31 PM
This morning on my way to work, Hawthorne bridge: While heading east at around 10:30 am I looked ahead and saw three men jogging towards me, spaced apart, taking up the width of the shared lane. My first thought was, "Hey, way to share the shared lane." They were considerate though and moved into file in the "ped lane". This caused a lady to jump to her left (the joggers were now headed towards her), I (on my bike) was about two feet behind her. This left, well, not much for stopping space. I slammed on my brakes, swerved to my left (stopped two inches shy of falling to the cheese grater deck below) and ending up leaning on her shoulder, doing a nose wheelie and pushing her back to her lane, it didn't help that I was on my 'cross bike and my fork was chattering the whole time.

One of the guys jogging looked at her and said, "why do you think we moved over?" Her response was to look at me and ask, "what did that guy say? I didn't hear him." I shook my head and rode away.

Not long after that i was going east on Bellmont, I had a green light. A lady holding the hands of two children (age 5-7) looked at a driver, waved and began to cross the street, her light was RED!! She was jay-walking with two kids in tow? Again I slammed on my brakes, stoped inches from her. She looked at me and said, "Hi." That was all, just hi, I could of hit her or her kids, what if I was a car?

I have more problems with pedestrians than anything else, I have been cycling for 20 years, my bike is my sole form of transportation and I have commuted in several cities. I am thankful (for myself and others) that I have developed fairly good bike handling skills but, I have to wonder after situations like these; What would happen if the cyclist involved was a novice?

Ped's: Please pay attention.