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10-22-2006, 09:06 PM
one of these days, i think i'd like to build up a surly steamroller.

does anyone know which shop(s) in town would be able to offer me good advice and assistance in putting one together?
(i.e. - finding the parts i want and assembling it...etc.)

surly's website notes that:

1820 N.W. 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

are allegedly "true Friends of Surly and should be able to answer questions, fit you to the perfect ride, and get you precisely what you need to live la Vida Surly."

*they said the same thing about Northwest Bicycles (RIP) as well.

anyways, just wondering if you guys would agree/disagree that universal cycles would be my best bet....personally, i've never been to that shop yet.

10-25-2006, 08:34 PM
I've done business with them several times. They're primarily are a mail order business, so the shop hours are minimal and it's not really a retail-oriented store. My impression is that they're a good place to buy parts, but maybe not the best option if you want a bit more personlized service. Others may have different experiences with them, though. I'm not bashing them whatsoever!

I've worked on several project bikes with both Sellwood Cycle and Veloce Bicycles. You'll get great help with no B.S. at either place. If they don't have the part you need in stock, they'll order it for you. And, they're small enough so that you get the one-on-one help you need.

Good luck and have fun building your Steamroller!

10-26-2006, 08:32 PM
Hey this is Mark from Revolver Bikes in North Portland. We have a 53cm steamroller frame in stock. We have been building a bunch of Surly custom bikes over the last season. I like some other manufacturers as well, but the steamroller is quite versatile, accommodating larger tires than most frames. Pop by and we can visit about your intention, sizing etc. We are located at 6509 N Interstate Ave across from the New Seasons in North Portland.

See you soon!