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10-19-2006, 07:33 AM
*NOTE: it was not OHSU, but rather trimet instead (explained in later posts)*

each morning that i ride to work, i usually see this OHSU bus near the intersection of NE 47th and Everett (east of 47th, south side of Everett, 1 or 2 houses in). i'm not sure if they are picking up senior patients, handicapped ones, or what. Normally, the bus just sits there and idles as i pass it around 7am (maybe a few minutes before). However, today the bus started pulling out from the curb (no blinker) as i was about to pass it. since i'm always watching for that sort of thing, i was able to brake and fall in behind the bus. i, of course, had front and rear lights on, bright reflective stuff all over the place. i could see the driver in the side mirror, he obviously wasn't using them. we travel about 1/2 block before he decides to brake in the middle of the street (no signal). therefore, i had to brake and then headed to pass him on the right. as i was in the process of going around him, he throws it into reverse and starts to back up. thankfully i was able to zip around him before he made contact (though i was worried that one of my panniers might catch). he just kept backing up. i pulled up by the boarding doors and threw up my hands and said "what the hell?!" i was already a bit late for work, so i went on my way. the driver proceeded to back up his bus in the middle of a bike route and take the left hand turn that he missed.

i just got off the phone with OHSU, the operator said she wasn't sure who i was supposed to file the complaint with, so she patched me through to an on-call administrator (who was only accepting voice messages). i left them a message briefly describing the incident and requested that they call me back on my cell phone and inform me of where/with whom i should file the formal complaint.

10-19-2006, 02:34 PM
i just talked to a guy named chuck. apparently he's in charge of OHSU's "fleet". He says that none of his vehicles are ever scheduled to be in that area, so he was wondering if it was possible a trimet bus with an OHSU advertisement on it. he said he would check in with another lady that he works with that coordinates a lot of stuff with trimet and get back to me.

overall, this chuck guy seemed super rad. very pro-bike...and wants to be sure that "his guys" are doing their part to share the road.

either way, i'll keep you updated as i get more details.
heck if i ride by that same bus tomorrow, i'll be sure to jot down LOTS of info.

11-06-2006, 08:10 AM
so about a week after this incident, i came upon the same bus again, parked outside the same house. i realized chuck was right. it was a trimet bus, just covered in OHSU advertisements.

i pulled up behind it and started to snap some pics of the plate and bus number with my camera phone. the driver came out to talk to me. his name is "Bill Davis" if i remember correctly, something like that. our exchange ended up being a very civil, calm, and eventually very positive one. he apologized for being so unaware the week before. he said that he used to commute on his bike when he was younger, had his fair share of being "nudged" by trimet buses, and is currently a member of the BTA...therefore he seemed like he was pretty embarassed and didn't want to be "that stupid driver." he promised to keep an eye out better for cyclists and me especially, since we seem to meet every thursday at that intersection. we ended the conversation with a high five, and i headed off to work.

i'll be sure to call trimet and make sure everything is documented with them just for good measure.

p.s. - i got a follow up call from chuck from OHSU. he just wanted to make sure that everything was getting sorted out with trimet. he offered some possible connections he had if i happened to hit any dead ends with them. seems like a really rad guy and very motivated to help out the cycling community.

11-06-2006, 08:14 AM
is there any way to edit the main title of this thread?
i'd much prefer it to read TRIMET now instead of OHSU.