View Full Version : Bike Projects!

Joe Planner
10-18-2006, 09:15 AM
Hey everyone,

There are several bike-related projects up for consideration by the Metro board in a couple months. Metro is now accepting public comments on a list of potential projects ranging from road capacity (more vehicle lanes) to planning for more bike trails and bike boulevards to retrofitting TriMet's bus fleet to be reduce emissions. There are a lot of really great projects on the table, so this is a competitive playing field.

The public comments for or against a project can have a real impact on the final decision-making, so I urge you all to visit Metro's website and make your opinions known, but do so with reasoning. Mention how a project will increase bike ridership in the city, help keep the air clean, improve safety, increase multi-modal accessibility, implement the Region 2040 plan, etc.. (It almost goes without saying to keep the comments appropriate and relative to the anticipated impacts of a project if you want it to be taken seriously..) The website link is http://www.metro-region.org/article.cfm?ArticleID=3940 All you have to do is click on a project link for a more detailed description and provide your full name and comments for that particular project.

Not only did I voice my support for projects that will improve biking in the region, but I voiced my opposition to spending regional dollars on a couple road capacity projects, including one that results in "double left-turn lanes" for each leg of an intersection.. (the Farmington Road project in particular). I'm sure many of you know how dangerous it is to attempt navigating an intersection on bike or foot with double left-turns.. Some really important projects for cyclists include the 50's and 70's bike boulevards, the Sullivan's Gulch Trail, and more!