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09-12-2006, 10:03 AM
I just winessed a unsettling situation. It was on NW Glisan between 11th and 12th at 8:10 pm on 9/11. A male biker clad in all the gear (helmet, backpack, lights) was heading west in the right lane with a white sedan (Lexus?) behind. The driver was honking repeatedly at the biker and the biker was waving the driver around.

Traffic was light and the driver could have easily passed the biker. Instead, the driver slowed to stay behind the biker honking. After too much of this weird behavior, the biker stopped and threw down his bike. He then paused in front of the car asking "what?". The biker approached the driver to see what he was doing, but the driver did not roll down the window. The biker then shouted "YOU ARE GOING TO HURT SOMEONE!!" a few times, proceeded to the front of the car and picked up his bike. The driver made a bad situation worse and honked again. The biker stood his ground.

So at this point a us postal service semi (we get a lot of them on Glisan) who was behind the white car had seen the situation and stopped well behind leaving lots of room. The white driver could have reversed and gone around the biker. He chose to stay there, honking, and maybe even moving a little closer to the biker.

Eventually the biker started riding again and the white car sped around him to the red light. When the light turned green, the biker continued in the right lane and the car in the left lane, but the car honked again, took a small swerve in the direction of the biker, and took off. The cars plate # looked like Oregon ZWM 514. After this occured, things went back to normal and I watched many bikers riding up Glisan and drivers were sharing the road as usual.

I am shocked by what I saw. Such a blatant disregard for a biker and right here in Portland! I thought this was biker heaven, but clearly I was wrong. I understand being careful and aware of your surrundings so you can avoid an accident, but this was just outright driver road rage, and I guess you can't really see something like this coming.

Thanks for providing the forum to share this information.