View Full Version : SE 34th and SE Lincoln

05-17-2006, 09:31 PM
There is a 4 way stop at SE 34th and SE Lincoln. At least 2 days a week I see cyclists cruise through the stop sign and ignore everyone else. I have also witnessed a few cyclists get hit by other cyclists.It is really frustrating
IT IS A 4 WAY STOP. I try to ride my bike everyday with my daughter in tow and it is getting old trying to tell her why someone almost got hit or is in just too much of a hurray to watch out for others.
Today I was riding up SE Lincoln and approached SE 34, I slowed, came to a stop and unclipped out of my pedals all was clear so I started to clip in and suddenly a cyclist came bombing along to the right of me on SE 34 she see's me (and not the stop sign) and fumbles to brake and is clearly irritated that I continue through my right of way.
PLEASE if we want to be taken seriously as cyclists we need to obey the same laws that cars do. IT IS A 4 WAY STOP.