View Full Version : Sellwood/Moreland, 10/2, 11:30am

10-02-2006, 01:22 PM
I'm riding down Milwaukie (south-bound) from my place to the taqueria to get some lunch. The street is one-lane each way, through a commercial area full of crosswalks. There are stretches of cars parked on the right alternating with open stretches. I'm staying several feet away from the cars because every once in a while I see a door open. When there are stretches without cars, I don't get over much because I don't want to weave -- I want to be ride predictably -- and I'm going pretty fast, about 20 in a 25 mph zone.

As soon as I clear a stretch of parked cars, I hear honking behind me. I turn around to see a middle-aged woman in a gold Lexus sedan (really) and I move slightly to the right. She speeds past me at close range with the classic righteous anger of someone forced to go slightly slower than she would like by a bicycle.

Then the truly unbelievable part happens. As soon as she gets past me, she puts on the brakes, signals left, and comes to a stop to yield to oncoming traffic!

So, if she'd had the patience to wait literally 20 more seconds, she would have been in exactly the same situation she found herself in after honking at me.

What an idiot. I gave her the ol' one-finger salute as I rode past.

10-03-2006, 11:57 AM
thats always the best.
we've all seen that a million times.
its especially great when they don't make the light
and you get to pull up right next to them (or even ahead).
i like to look back and smile.

then again, most of the time i just shake my head.
like last night riding down NW23rd.
i think i went about 6 blocks listening to some dude rev his engine behind me because he was just sooooo eager to wait in line at a light....or something.