View Full Version : Saw Accident on SW Terwilliger near Taylors Ferry Rd

09-28-2006, 09:12 AM
It was 9/26 at about 5:20. A cyclist was passing some cars at a stoplight, heading north on Terwilliger, the light turned green and he spaced himself in between two cars at the intersection (pickup in front, minivan behind) because a lot of cars turn right, so he was being careful. Within half a block after the intersection the minivan got beside him and unexpectedly turned in to a parking lot, except their was a cyclist in between the minivan and parking lot. The rider wasn't seriously hurt, but he was going pretty fast, so lots of road rash and bruising at least, but he was still conscious and able to walk. I would have stopped, but I was going the opposite direction and over 10 people flocked to him, so I knew there were enough witnesses to take care of him.

What made this amazing was that the cyclist passed the minivan and the minivan passed the cyclist back within about a one to two block span and she must have never seen him, but I don't know how she missed seeing him!