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Steven Kung
09-26-2006, 11:40 PM
10/1 ECT Sunday Group Rides

*IMPORTANT": Please note different starting times for each ride group.

Sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club
We leave no riders behind.

Forecast: Partly Cloudy, 69 Deg.

Starting Points for both rides: Madison Plaza (Eastbank Esplanade & SE Madision)

Easy Group: 9 miles, departs 9 AM
Ride to Goose Hallow, take MAX free to Zoo, ride elevator up to Forest Center, visit Rose Garden, then coast down to Waterfront Park, visit Saturday Market. Bring your own snack or pick your snack along the way. There is very little climbing on this ride.
Route Maps:

Intermediate Group: 50 miles, departs 12 PM
Clackamas River Loop, Picinic at Barton Park (Pack Your favorite snacks & drinks)
Intermediate Route Map:

Our Club Ride General Guidelines/Info:

Steven Kung, info[at]ExchangeCycleTours.org, (503)957-6672
Aaron Tarfman, aaron[at]yourbodypower[.]org

Yahoo Group Web Site: