View Full Version : St Johns Neighborhood Ride Saturday Sept 16

09-13-2006, 03:47 PM
The St Johns Neighborhood is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the dedication of the St Johns Bridge, an important icon to our community. Saturday, Sept 16th is the date of our "Bridge Bash". The event I am holding is a neighborhood ride with a focus on history and community. The ride starts at James John Elementary School at 10AM. This is at the playground at the intersection of N Lombard and Charleston. This ride will have a little bit of everything, including some hills,both up and down, and some great scenery and is open to all who are comfortable riding streets and off road.

I would also like to recruit a few ride helpers as this ride is open to anyone who wishes to join in. I don't know if we will have 5 or 50 riders,but welcome all who enjoy our great North Portland Community.

The 'official' ride does not include crossing the bridge,but after the 'official' ride ends, I plan to do exactly that and hope for a great group to do a mass ride,just for the joy of it.

So if you'd like to join in the ride,or the Bridge Bash Celebration that starts at noon with our friends Bruce and Carla and Mudeye Puppet Co..( who moved to SJ with a great 'move by bike' event..) and musical acts following till 7PM.. Come and have some fun!

Contact me at jgadamski@excite.com or 503-283-6482 evenings.. and I look forward to seeing or meeting you all on Saturday!