View Full Version : Human Powered Vehicle Service Company Forming

09-03-2006, 11:13 PM
Hello All. I'm here to announce that a group of us are forming a company that will provide pedal powered delivery and cab services in the Portland Metro Area. We are building trikes and quads particularly set up for hauling, people moving, and other services where bicycles cannot handle the size or weight. We are not entering the messenger delivery service market. We will not be handling any services that are already adequately served by current bicycle services. We will handle those jobs that a bicycle service cannot.

Our company will be wholly employee-owned and operated. It can be as big or as little as the community wants it to be. Our machines will be self-built, allowing us fairly low startup costs. Service rates for customers will be the same or similar to those already paid to motorized vehicle service companies - we're not trying to be cheaper, we're trying to get businesses to go green.

Now that you've heard the basic idea, any avid pedalhead that would like to try out for a part in this ground-floor opportunity, should contact me for further information and arrangements to retain a position with our company. There currently is no budget, however there are some machines, and funding is available to build more and get the company started. It will all depend on who and how many community members will join us and contribute time into building pedal powered machines for our purposes. As soon as there is an adequate number of machines and people to pedal them and perform the services, we will file officially with the State and obtain all necessary permits and licenses.

We'd like to have a general meeting of all who are interested so when I receive a reasonable amount of requests I will post and date and place for a first meeting. Everyone's ideas will be heard and considered. Initially, there will be a first board of the original organizers to handle management for six months. After which the company employee members will vote to keep the management team or replace it with other members.

This can work!