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09-03-2006, 07:37 PM
*not sure if i'm supposed to start a new thread for this or add it to the sticky...either way, here we go:

i sold my car for good a few months ago. so i now bike full time. commute 5 days a week to work. from SE 37th and Belmont out to NE 114th and Knott. and then back again in the afternoon. yes, i do the reverse commute.

on my way home on friday 9/1, i was traveling west on burnside. i was waiting for the signal to change at the intersection of 82nd (off to the right of traffic). As the light changed to green, traffic started to move. a white pick up truck blared its horn as it passed me through the intersection. i just shook my head, and continuted to sport my microcosm "bicycles allowed full lane" shirt. as some of you know, the bike lane on burnside disappears for about 25 ft before and after that intersection on 82nd. well as i crossed the intersection, there was a car turning left into the gas station and was yielding to oncoming traffic. this was holding up the aforementioned white pickup. as i entered the bike lane, the white pick up slowly veered into the bike lane cutting me off. he wasn't able to go around the car turning left (even if he used the entire bike lane). since he was about to run into my bike, i knocked on his window. when i looked in the cab of his truck, he was just gabbing away on his cell phone...not even flinching at my knocking. he continued to veer into me, so i pulled my bike up onto the curb. when the car finally could turn left, the truck took off. since he took the next right, i followed. he went a few blocks before arriving at his destination. i pulled up next to him. he continued to talk on his cell phone and tried to ignore my presence. when he finally realized i wasn't leaving, he rolled down his window and yelled "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"
in my super nice social worker way i said "sorry to knock on your window, but you were veering into me, i was in the bike lane, i have every right to it."
his response:

this man was an overweight caucasian approx 60 yrs old. not that it really matters, except to better keep an eye out for him and his fairly new, white, extended cab pick up. OR license plate: WQN 384.

i stayed nice and calm through the whole ordeal. which i think actually made him more pissed off. at one point i said: "sir, why are you so angry? i'm not even yelling at you."

anyways, anytime i TRIED to say something, he just yelled some nonsense over me. so i just saved his license plate in my phone and finished my commute.

i don't know about the rest of you, but i tend to get depressed anytime i'm east of mt tabor. i hate biking around 82nd and 122nd areas.

09-04-2006, 07:02 AM
You are such a nicer person than me it makes me faintly ashamed. Much as I preach tolerance and forgiveness on most days, I think I might have been standing on this mouth-breather's hood by the end of the conversation.

Here's hoping you find something constructive to do with that information you gathered (I mean other than this warning for the rest of us, and thanks very much!). As I understand it, you can do a lot with time, place, and license number if you're up to it or know someone who has the savvy.

I lived at Belmont and 29th for several years, spent many a warm evening in the yard at The Pied Cow. I miss it.