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Simple Nature
08-12-2011, 05:29 PM
Today I rode on a lot of new trails and roads I haven't been on before. Hit 38mph on taylor's ferry rd. ...with brakes applied! Found the Fanno Creek trail all the way out at Sweet Home. Yelled at an A$$H@T in Beaverton who had the nose of his truck parked in the bike lane on Baseline at 185th... during rush hour, no less (IDIOT HAD THE GAUL TO HONK AT ME TOO!).
Went looking for Cook Park... found signs: Hall at Duhram heading back to 99 and when I got to 99 I saw the "Cook Park" sign pointng the other way. Uhgggg! 3 years now I've been zig-zagging around the park and haven't found it yet. Neither the beaverton nor the portland bike maps have cook park on it. I've been there once, an no matter how good my geographic memory is, I just can't find this one without aid. If I remember next time, "turn S at the high school!"

08-12-2011, 05:33 PM
The easiest ways?... Well, I use these directions:

Riding south on SW Hall, in Tigard... Cross SW Durham Rd. (SW Hall becomes SW 85th there), continue past the sewage treatment plant. At the end of SW 85th, there is a gate (typ. closed) that prevents cars, but not bikes/peds from using the trail.

Follow that, and you find yourself in Cook Park.

Riding on SW Durham, turn south at the SW Hall/SW 85th intersection. Follow the instructions from above.

Riding north from Tualatin's Community Park, get on the trail, cross over the river with the bike/ped bridge. take the 2nd left (under the train trestle), and continue on the trail until you reach Cook Park.

Simple Nature
08-12-2011, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the aid, K'Tesh :)

08-15-2011, 07:42 AM
Also, if riding from hwy 99 down Durham Rd towards I-5, turn RIGHT at the light at 92nd, immediately before Tigard High School. Follow the road all the way down the hill to where the road ends in parking lots and soccer fields.

Congratulations, you are in Cook Park!

Alternatively, if you are in Tualatin say at the WES station by Haagen, head NORTH on Tualatin Rd. Stay STRAIGHT where the road turns left to cross the railroad tracks. Ride straight through this park and across the bridge. Turn LEFT when you get off the bridge and you are in Cook Park; keep going straight and you end up in Durham City Park.

OR-- if you've been at REI/Whole Foods/Bridgeport Village, head WEST to Upper Boones Ferry Rd. Go STRAIGHT across the intersection of Lower Boones Ferry and Upper Boones Ferry onto Rivendell Rd. Head downhill, turn on Arkenstone (or Woody End then Arkenstone), head more downhill and enter the Durham City Park and ride the trail over to Cook Park but don't go across the bridge, that sends you back into Tualatin.

08-15-2011, 07:58 AM
Another way in from Durham Rd.
Turn south on 108th.
At the end of the street there's access to a MUP.
Very nice follows the river and under the cover of trees.
Be careful, quite the down hill at the start taking you down to river level.
Follow this through to Cook Park and on to Durham City Park.

Simple Nature
08-16-2011, 06:52 PM
Today I finally found Cook Park! Thanks people :)

I used the Hall route to the end and followed the trail behind the metal gate. I wasn't in the park long as I was really enjoying the trail system hidden in the back. Somehow I ended up in Tualatin, at the tressel. It was a great adventure ride.