View Full Version : NE 53rd Ave. at W. Baseline Rd. - BIKE LANES!

Simple Nature
07-04-2011, 11:15 PM
I was at the Hillsboro Road Committee meeting several months back and heard the conversation about [finally] adding bike lanes to NE 53rd Ave between W. Baseline Rd (E. Main St.) and NE Elam Young Pkwy.

If you recall, Hillsboro just put in a huge park complex along NE 53rd Ave (40 mph street). and failed to mark the road with bike lanes as required by any other developer in the city (1/2 street improvement). This "revision" came about due to citizen requests for a mid-street crosswalk. The Bike Lane option came about as a "compromise".

Anyway, Yesterday I saw the sketches painted on the street for making this long overdue right of way a reality. I'll have to lobby for an extention of the bike lane onto Elam Young Pkwy at the next meeting.