View Full Version : Ride to SF late July?

Jonathan Potkin
06-21-2011, 01:41 PM
Possible touring companion(s)

Thinking of redoing a ride from Portland to San Francisco via the coast leaving around Friday 07/22 with an anticipated arrival date @08/01. I have done this twice before (once actually all the way to LA) but some years ago. It would be nice to have some company both for safety and for interest.

I am planning on camping out in relatively primitive fashion with an occasional overnigth stay in motel or whatever if weather is particularly nasty. but I will be travelling light; I just found a rear rack that fits my road bike suitable for holding tent, sleeping bag and a couple of medium size panniers.

I am thinking of @70-80 miles/day maybe 10-12 mph average of the course of the day.

Plan is to take the train back from Oakland or wherever in the Bay area it deparrts. Basic Train fair is @$120.

If you are intersted in joining me, or know others who might be, please reply or you can call me on my cell: (503) 754-9690.

thanks for your interests and suggestions


p.s. I am relatively easy going, not very hard core, and know the central Oregon coast pretty well.