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04-16-2011, 02:31 PM
Nice format....folded, it's 4.5" by approximately 7.5". Open the first fold to a 9" by 7.5" single map sheet. Area displayed on this sheet extends between 5th and Center St (N-S), and between 110th and Main (E-W).

So on this first sheet, which is very nice and easy to hold steady with two hands, the locations of some of Beaverton's key points of interest are shown: Beaverton Transit Center, Beaverton Town Square, City Hall (also, though not noted, the location of the PD), and the central Library.

The background of this sheet is simple off-white. Key streets are color coded to a legend indicating the vehicle volume use relative to how favorable the are for riding a bike on them. Through neighborhood cross-streets in smaller point lines are shown. A scattering of the larger buildings in the area are depicted in simple tan color.

The second fold expands the 9" dimension to 18", but just opens to the right of the first map sheet, a sub-sheet with some contact info, plus the map's cover.

The third fold opens up two-thirds of the central, inside map. As you open the fold, just pick up the map by the free corners and the final fold will drop down, revealing the entire inside central map. Now you'll see what to me seems weird, in that the map appears upside down. So to see it in proper orientation, you've now got to rotate the map 180 degrees. Is there some good reason for doing this that's not occurring to me?

What you see upon looking at the central inside map, is nice enough. Area displayed is roughly between parts of West Union, Thompson roads, and all the way down to MurrayHill (N-S), and between 185th and Sylvan to Raleigh Hills (W-E).

It's not too busy with excessive detailing and color. If anything, the colors used to indicate the bike routes might have been a bit more vivid to allow them be more easily distinguished from each other. Cross streets are shown with their names, though the font is a bit light to read easily.

The map uses the same off-white to depict what's most likely Beaverton's city limits. Surrounding areas use a gray tone that seems way darker than necessary; the dark tone makes it hard to read the maps' info.

This map doesn't use any elevation indicators. I think people would really have liked the map using some means of providing info about climbs. Other local maps of past have done it, some better than others.

All things considered, it's a nice, useful map that no doubt, people put a lot of hard work and effort into. My thanks to them! It's more or less 'free' too.

Your tax dollars paid for it, so you don't have to lay out cash at locations where they're available to get one. I don't have a list of places where you can get this map, though I do know for certain that as of yesterday, there were a bunch at Performance Bicycle in Beaverton.