View Full Version : Help yourself, and your community bike center: Fiori...Canadian bike, Italian flair

02-03-2011, 10:59 AM
This a tip on an interesting used vintage bike, and a little pitch for the Washington County Bike Transportation Coalition...Wa Co BTC... (located near Harvey's giant Bunny statue on TV Highway).


mid-80's Canadian road-sport touring bike, fancy Italian name. 57 cm seat tube. Ishiwata triple butted Chromoly tubing. 6spd (so for gears, it has a freewheel instead of the cassette that bikes today use; the rear stay spacing would have to be spread to take slightly wider, 8, 9, and 10 spd gears. There is though a couple companies still making freewheels for this type bike...if the existing one needs replacing...which it may very well not.).

The bike has Shimano running gear, brakes, levers. Index downtube shifters for index shifting. I know for a fact that vintage enthusiasts over at bikeforums 'classic and vintage', are nuts about these shifters.

All the eylets for fenders and racks. 700cm rims. Decent saddle. Nice fluted seat post. Crummy stem that doesn't have a nice finish. Aero brake levers (allows the brake cables to be wrapped under the handlebar tape.) Old bar tape, but wrapped well. Good lookiing paint job, very little missing paint.

Can't think of what else to mention. Oh...price: $150. This bike looks slick to me. Definitely needs some cleaning, lubing, probably some tuning up....which....buyers could probably do some of their self, with experienced advice present at the Wa Co BTC. Memberships are $25 or even...free with donated labor. Professional tools to do the work are right there.

I know a picture would be nice, but trust me...it's a nice looking bike. I would have ridden it, except I had cleats, and this bike has quill pedals and toe clips. (but there's a ratty pair of used Shimano spd clipless 520's hanging on the wall for $10. A bearing on one of the pedals might need replacing, so I'd say talk to them about that. If you got small feet size 39 or 43, there's a brand new pair of Sidi shoes...also a pair of Forte brand.