View Full Version : Benotto Bar Tape?

02-01-2011, 11:50 PM
A forum member over at bikeforums clued me onto the Soma Fabrications. Soma lists all 14 colors of Benotto Bar tape. I haven't ordered yet, so I hope it really is available. Maybe I'll send them an email first.

For those of you not familiar with Benotto celo tape, (Soma doesn't refer to it as 'celo', but that's what Benotto used to call it, IIRC) it was used a lot in the 80's. It has a translucent colored, candy apple paint job kind of look. Given that it's a thin, smooth plastic....by itself, it doesn't have the cushion of cork and other synthetic cushion tapes. But it can be wrapped over those tapes for thickness and cushion. 14 colors available. 9 bucks. Benotto stays clean. Here's the link to Soma Fabrications page featuring Benotto tape:

soma fabrications/Benotto lightweight plastic bar tape (http://store.somafab.com/behata.html)