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01-29-2006, 11:30 PM
This was a few months ago . . .

I was biking down NE Broadway, to work. I turn onto B'way at 19th, and work at 7th. As I approached 12th, the light was red, but it had been red for a bit, so I was coasting with my fingers on my brakes, hoping the timing'd work out and the light would turn green before I had to stop completely.

All the cars were stopped, and none of them had right-turn signals on, so I was physically looking up at the light, watching for if it changed. I was about fifteen feet (approx. two cars) from the crosswalk, about to pop the brakes and stop, when it flipped green. I took my fingers off the brakes, and started pedaling to get some momentum going.

As I lowered my gaze and looked ahead, all I could see was a sedan whipping in front of me, making a right turn (w/out turn signal) onto ne 12th, growing perilously close as I am still pedaling forward. I jammed on my brakes (which aren't the best), and skidded to a stop only inches from the car's rear fender. I looked in the windows, at the back of a lady's head (she was looking out her left window), and watched a pedestrian (who had just started crossing) jump back on the sidewalk to also avoid getting hit. Only once she had completed the turn and was speeding down 12th did the driver look to her right . . . seeing several startled pedestrians and me, she mouthed "Sorry" out the back window . . . looking over her kids' shoulders.

I live in Irvington, I bike this stretch of Broadway nearly every day when the weather's nice, and I'm constantly getting cut off like this (although usually not so close) by drivers who never look for traffic in the bike lane.

josh m
01-30-2006, 12:12 AM
I always have this happen. Especially downtown. People just think it's ok to make right turns w/ out turning on their signal, which usually results in my beating on their window as they almost put me into the curb. Though, for some reason I get looked at by onlookers like I am the asshole...