View Full Version : Mugged On the Waterfront

08-29-2006, 04:07 PM
There are more hazards to contend with than mere road glass and traffic. A coworker of mine got mugged while bicycling home!! He was riding along the waterfront and was boxed in by another rider and forced into an accident. They crashed pretty hard and he tore up his shin. The rider who blocked my coworker's path and caused the accident claimed that his rear wheel was damaged. Immediately the incident was swarmed upon by several homeless youth who took sides with the perpetrator of the crash and threatened my friend with bodily harm. They insisted that restitution be made immediatly. My coworker gave the perp his rear wheel/tire and quickly left. I have asked him to file a police report, but he has not yet done that

This event took place on Friday August 25th at around 7:30 PM in between the Burnside Bridge and the Steele Bridge.

Stay aware of who is around you, try not to put yourself in a vulnerable position and maintain an exit strategy when riding in close quarters.

08-29-2006, 04:37 PM
What is it with people not following up on these incidents by simply filing a police report? It may not have any impact on this most recent incident, but it does start a chain of records, which can eventually (not always) lead to an arrest.

I see too often people who lament the police and how ineffectual they are, only to next read about these incidents and nobody reports it. The police are powerless if you don't file a report.

I hope your coworker is fine. I would not have wanted to have been in his shoes when this happened. I'm glad he got away without any additional physical harm to himself.