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11-10-2010, 11:59 PM
Thinking about getting a generator hub? No more batteries! How are these hubs for service and maintenance? Bikeportland readers shared some personal experiences about that in comments to a story on bikeportland's main page.

The following link will lead you to reader Jim O'Horo's detailed account of his experience with a Shimano hub:

Comment re: Shimano dyno hubs, service and repair, by Jim O'Horo (http://bikeportland.org/2010/11/04/opinion-helmet-debate-saps-energy-we-need-to-increase-light-use-42176#comment-1659833)

At the same location a few comments down, you can read a response to Jim's comment by 'Val', a Seattle bike mechanic whose shop of employment frequently services these hubs.

Seems as though Jim O'Horo seems to have had some bad luck with a Shimano hub, and possibly received some bad customer service from Shimano in response to the problem (read his account and decide for yourself).

I don't have a generator hub for lighting (not really justifiable for the riding I'm presently doing), but it seems to me, they're a great idea, and a possible answer to reliably equipping the bikes of people grown accustomed to the 'get in and go' convenience of motor vehicles.

11-11-2010, 11:44 AM
I have a generator hub. Actually, 2 of them :) Love them. Never, ever, ever worry about not having light.

My hubs are the SON hubs - one is a SON 28, the other is a SON delux. Lower drag than the Shimano hubs. Much higher quality, as well.

The SON 28 has several sucky winters on it now, and has never needed servicing. As in, they shouldn't ever need servicing, and I do not think there is anyone short of Peter White Cycles in New Hampshire that is qualified to service them anyway.

You will not regret having one. But you will be more diligent about making sure your front wheel is locked.

Lighting for the hubs - don't look at anything other than an LED light. No bulbs to change, very bright, and less drag.

I think justifying a generator hub is easy - you never worry about staying out too late. At least on the lighting perspective.