View Full Version : Another Clackamas County incident

Matt P.
08-24-2006, 03:12 PM
I know these don't do PDOT any good, but I post them to alert others of problem areas.

99E is not the safest place to ride a bike. I know this, but sometimes I do it anyway. I didn't want to slog back uphill on Oatfield from crossing Kellogg Creek, so today I cut over to 99E between Courtney and Park and rode the bike lane down past Park. After that, it becomes just a shoulder and then merges you in with traffic before going under the Portland & Western RR tracks and into downtown Milwaukie. While I was NB where the shoulder merged, a convertible came up alongside me and passed me with mere inches to spare while I was travelling 33mph and he was at about 45 (the speed limit there is 45mph). I think I'm done travelling along McLoughlin now until they build the Trolley Trail.

This happened at about 7:15am Thursday, August 24th.