View Full Version : Oleson Road Intersection Realignment Project focus group 8/18, 6PM GH Rec Center

08-14-2010, 04:40 AM
I got an email notification a few days ago that they are holding a focus group on the Oleson Road Intersection Realignment Project, Wednesday, August 18th from 6-8 pm at the Garden Home Recreation Center located at 7475 SW Oleson (that's at Oleson and Garden Home Road.)

Attached to the email are the agenda, the "purpose and protocols", and a comment form. To summarize, the agenda says that they will talk about "BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN DESIGN ELEMENTS", the protocol says, in part:

The purpose of the project focus group (PFG) is to offer community-based input to the Project Management Team (PMT) on key topics related to the Oleson Road Realignment Project.... The PFG is structured as an informal advisory committee with flexible membership. Participation is open to anyone.

The full agenda, protocols, and comment form can be found at the project's web page (http://www.fixbhos.org/Meetings.aspx).

I am planning on going, but I'm also coming up on a deadline at work. It doesn't hurt to have more bicyclists present.

(I tried to attach the pdf documents that came with the email I got, but their size exceeds the limits imposed by the bikeportland.org forum software.)