View Full Version : STOLEN: Pegoretti, Gunnar, Kelly

Jiwa Jiwa
08-11-2006, 07:09 PM
Came home from work to find my home had been broken into; many things stolen, among them three of my favorite rides:

1) Pegoretti Duende, 58cm, yellow/green ("Yellow Arrows" I think it is called), mostly Ultegra, DT 240s wheels/hubs, WR Compoziti post, black WTB Rocket V saddle, Oval Concepts bars and stem, red Bontrager tape, DA pedals, WCS cranks (175), black Chris King headset, black Conti tires

2) Gunnar Crosshairs, 58cm, "Monarch Orange", mostly 105, FSA cranks, Ritchey bars with BLUE tape, WCs stem and post, black/silver WTB saddle, Shimano wheels, Ritchey Excavader tires, Time ATAC pedals, gray Pearlizumi saddle bag, Frog blinkie light, Cane Creek aheadset silver/black

3) Kelly Knobby X, 57cm, "Toothpaste", geared but set up as single speed with ENO hub and Open Pros, XT cranks, Salsa ring, WCS post, WTB Rocket V saddle (black), Salsa Bell Lap bars with green/black tape, black Chris King headset, Time ATAC pedals

They didn't take the Vanilla or else I'd probably not be able to effing type.

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT; talk to shops or whatever. Good karma for anyone who can help me out with getting these back in good shape.

Thanks yall.