View Full Version : SW 85th (SW Hall) and Durham, Tigard

11-25-2009, 12:11 AM
I've been riding from Cook's park (NB) at night lately on my new commute, and I've been having problems triggering the lights so I could legally cross SW Durham Rd. I would sometimes trigger the light, other times, I'd have to give up and either blow the red, or cross over to the crosswalk (on the west side of the intersection) to get a light .

Later, I managed to find the ground loop detectors, but when it's wet they're hard to see. I called Tigard's Public Works, and asked if they could mark the location with a bike stencil. Turns out that Tigard hasn't "ratified" that stencil... BUT they did manage to get the county (who's responsible for the signals) to paint markings around the loop detectors.

I got before and after photos (more may be done later)... I just need to upload them.

Thanks Washington County! Thanks Tigard Public Works! :D

Now, if I can only get Tigard to finish the bike lane on (EB) SW Durham Rd. ;)

11-25-2009, 03:06 PM
K'tesh, what part of the EB Durham bike lane is missing? I believe there are a few spots, generally right before intersections, that the bike lane fades out to discourage right-hooks, but it's always back on the far side of the intersection.

From my riding, it goes all the way from 99w to the intersection with 72nd/Bridgeport.

Well, it does now, anyway.... after all their summertime work.

But I still have a problem with the way they routed the bike lane between the railroad tracks and Upper Boones Ferry, to get between the right-turn lane and the straight-lane. As in, I don't use it, it looks like a death trap, I just take the lane back at the tracks and go straight into the bike lane.

BTW, Tigard's street guy is named Vance, he's a very nice guy and is very on-the-ball whenever I contact him with issues.