View Full Version : Bike ride with kids this Friday August 11

08-08-2006, 09:36 PM
Ciao a tutti,
Wanted to invite adults with kids on a fun bike ride.
Here is the plan:
Living from my house at 9 (SE 71st and Yamhill, Mt Tabor), bike to 28th and Harrison (East Side Family Co-op)
Living from there at 9:30, bike to OMSI
Living OMSI at 10, bike to Sellwood park
Play at the playground and have a picnic.
Return when everyone wants.
Mostly of the route is on bike path or less traveled roads.

E-mail me back if you have any question or suggestion. dabbeni@comcast.net
My cell for the day of the ride is 503 998 2885 in case we need to wait for you!
RSVP if you want us to wait at the departing points.
Also if you wants to join us later that is fine too or if you just want to drive to Sellwood and meet us there....
Please extend the invite to anybody you want.
Hope to see you on Friday.