View Full Version : Long Term Bike Parking for Downtown Portland

07-30-2009, 03:23 PM

Recently my building was informed that the long term bike parking at the garage next door would now cost $30 per month. For some reason my builidng (all 11 sotries of it) does not have short nor long term parking. I looked at the City's bike parking map and went and looked at most of the locations. Most of these were operated by the same management company (PMC) and they said that only building residents were allowed to park there and that there was no short term parking. In the last year this is the second major bike parking location that has been lost within a block of 6th and Yamhill.


1. Any suggestions on how to address my building parking situation. I looked at the City ordinance and it is clear that they should have parking. How do I pursue this?

2. Is PMC allowed to deny access to service at all the various parking areas as to create a market for $30/month bike parking? The City parking maps are showing these garages as avaialble bike parking areas. Is there anything the City can do?