View Full Version : Super C Rear Panniers (pair)

07-17-2009, 08:03 PM
I'm interested in getting the Super C Rear Panniers ( pair ) as shown on the Carradice web site in England
and as shown at the Citybikes web site in Portland
Citybikes is currently out of stock.

I'm wondering if anyone in Portland has a pair that I can take a look at. If I like them, I will probably order myself some. They cost 200 bucks, and I don't feel like ordering a pair without having looked at them.

According to the information I've read,
Two panniers can be fastened together for easy off-the-bike carrying
I'd like to see if that is really the case before I buy them. This is what I find compelling about them.

So, if anybody in the Portland metro area has a Super C Rear Panniers (pair)
could you please let me see them to see if I want to eventually get them?

Thank you

Victor Soich