View Full Version : 112 & sandy blvd

Jym Gibson
06-28-2006, 07:02 AM
On The 19th of October 2005 I was north bound into this intersection trying to make a left hand turn when a vehichle made a left hand turn from the east-bond Sandy blvd. from the hand turn lane to proceed onto 112th northbound of the intersection at which point we collided and I promtly rolled onto the vehicle's hood and then flew off the hood from the force of the collision landing on the ground minus one shoe and my bicyle hand aquired a bent front rim lost some handle bar tap and my cycle computer flew of ni the direction I had flew off.
I was needless to say stunned and had severe road rash on my right arm and rash as well as paint on my left arm and strains and sprains to bootall over my body. A police car showed up I was checked out and the driver and I exchanged information and we parted company saying the incident was regretable. I latter found out I had a bruised rib and I had trouble laughing for about a month. Considering I could have left the accident scene in a lot worse condition or even not at all I was lucky considering that bicyclists are always the losers when coming into contact violently with vehicles in incidents such s this