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Steven Kung
06-22-2006, 04:34 PM
8-days, 390-miles of cycle touring adventure through the state of Oregon on the beautiful Oregon Coast Scenic Bike Route.

Achieve self-reliance in a teamwork setting: experienced mechanics & veteran tourers will help you realize your dream of touring on a bicycle.

Meet diverse travelers to exchange and share your love for cultures, nature, freedom, and peace.

There is still enough time to gear up your bike and train with the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club.

Our weekly Community Free Bike Repair Clinic and Club Rides will ready your bike mechanically and you physically.

Limited spaces available, please RSVP now.

Steven Kung
email: info@ExchangeCycleTours.org, info[at]ExchangeCycleTours[dot]org
phone: (503)957-6672



ECT's 2006 Oregon Coast Scenic Bicycle Route Tour

Organizing Club:
Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club (ECT)

Tour Dates:
8/26/2006 - 9/3/2006 (9 days, Saturday to Sunday, before Labor Day)

Starting Location:
Astoria, Oregon

Finish Location:
Redwood National Park (Crescent City), California

390 miles

Maximum Number of Riders:
10 Riders.

Chartered Shuttle Service: $75 per rider w/ bike & gears; Payment required at Sign-up.
Meals: Self-supported. (Daily stops at grocery stores & restaurants)
Lodging: Self-supported. (Daily stops at campsites. Estimate $4 camp fee per rider per night.)

Method of Support:
Self-supported with group load-sharing. Each rider will carry own
personal load. Group will share common loads (tools, spare parts,other
provisions, etc.) based on each rider's ability.

Default is camping nightly at planned campsites with hot showers.
Contingencies possible depending on actual tour progression.

Chartered Shuttle Service:
08/26/2006: Portland (Oregon) to Astoria (Oregon).
09/03/2006: Crescent City (California) to Portland (Oregon)
Chartered passenger van with trailer will transport 10 riders, bicycles, and all gears.
(With no public or Greyhound bus service out of Brookings, Oregon or Crescent City, California,
this is the most cost effective, predictable, and safe method of transport available to our club.)

Daily Mileage and Stopping Locations:
08/26, 40 miles, Nehalem Bay.
08/27, 40 miles, Cape Lookout.
08/28, 45 miles, Devils Lake at Lincoln City.
08/29, 60 miles, Carl Washburne Campsite, 14 miles north of Florence.
08/30, 45 miles, William M Tugman Campsite, 8 mils s. of Reedsport.
08/31, 45 miles, Bullards Beach, 2 miles n. of Bandon.
09/01, 60 miles, Gold Beach.
09/02, 55 miles, Redwood National Park, CA, 5 miles s. of Crescent City.
09/03, Shuttle Service To Portland.