View Full Version : Trailer needed for injured cycleist

06-22-2006, 11:26 AM
A friend of mine suffered a sprained ankle yesterday and he's unable to ride his bike. We were planning on riding in the Portland Pirate Pedal tomorrow night, and now we're hoping to find a trailer that he can ride in so he can still come along.

I know that many bike trailers are too small to accomodate a grown person, but he's a pretty small guy (130 lbs.) so we're hopeful that there's something out there in Portland that could carry him. If there's someone around town that has a reasonably beefy trailer, xtracycle or some other type of cargo bike that they'd be willing to lend or rent to us for the night we'd be really grateful.

The poor guy already has his pirate costume, so if anybody can help us out with a trailer or with helpful suggestions he'd really appreciate it! I can be reached anytime at spcsauce@mac.com or at 503 515 9719.

Thanks a million!