View Full Version : Helmets in Vancouver

the Wumpus
03-06-2009, 11:02 PM
Lock them if you leave them.

You've surely heard about the recent law in Vancouver? Maximum $50 fines for riding without a helmet? A few officers have taken to penciling in $100 or more on the tickets.

Which provides my stinky old helmet an intrinsic value far beyond its actual worth, or even any reasonable replacement value! So now I can't trust the mighty helmet funk to keep my helmet clipped to my parked bike and out of the funk-o-phobic hands of thieving strangers. I've already met a couple stories of helmet theft this year. (significant, given I only see one cyclist per 5-10 miles on my Clark County winter commutes)

I'd never imagined this aspect of a helmet law; initiating theft where there was basically no reason for theft without the law. But here we are. So keep your helmet close in Vancouver, because if it's stolen and you're stuck riding home without it you'll be risking the ticket that inspired your helmetlessness in the first place.