View Full Version : Favorite Saddle Bags?

02-23-2009, 08:13 AM
What are your favorite saddle bags? Why do you like any particular saddle bag? What are the features?

Also, what are some bad experiences you've had with particular saddle bags? Poor design, too small, inconvenient, poor quality, etc.

At the top of my list right now are these saddle bags:

1) Acorn large saddle bag

2) Acorn handlebar bag

3) 5-Way Bag (from Out Your Backdoor

Does anyone have experience with any of the bags I've chosen? I would also like to try several other bags. I'm thinking particularly of getting an extra large saddle bag that I could use for bike camping, say mabe two or three nights, for a trip to Caswell Memorial State Park, which is about 19 miles each way.

Also, I'm planning on several longer day trips, like up to Knights Ferry, about 32 miles each way. I have hypoglycemia really bad, and so I always have to take lots of extra food along to keep my blood sugar level high enough.

02-23-2009, 09:19 PM
I actually improvised my current pannier from a bag that I got at Andy & Bax (http://www.andyandbax.com/). I can't remember exactly what they are called in the store, but they have two backpack-like straps on the back, a side pocket, and two straps to keep the top down.

After I purchased it, I sprayed it inside and out with silicone waterproofing spray. So far, my stuff hasn't gotten wet.

To make it rigid enough to actually support a load, along with not getting stuck in the rear wheel, I cut a piece of particleboard to size from an old dresser that I was recycling and put it in the back. There just so happens to be a back pocket perfectly sized to fit such a board.

At the moment, I have the straps just lashed to the rack, but I'm planning to upgrade with the Arkel Hook Kit. On the plus side, it would currently take a lot of work to steal the panniers themselves.

The best part: the bag cost less than $20.

02-24-2009, 08:46 AM
I'm totally in love with my Transit waterproof panniers. I got the smaller size, because I don't need massive huge ones at this point.

I use them to transport my clothes and shoes and things to work and home, and to bring stuff home from the farmer's market, and to schlep bike locks and stuff when we ride to shop at bike stores, REI, etc.