View Full Version : Need extras for a bike themed short film.

06-09-2006, 08:58 PM
Hey all,

I'm looking for approximately a dozen people to be in a short bike movie. I will be submitting this for next year's bike film festival.

I do NOT need people with killer bikes or big calves. As a matter of fact, the nerdier the better. I encourage riders of all ages to take part. I would LOVE to have some grey haired ladies. Essentially I need a small army of super-commuters with orange vests and mirrors and all that nerdy stuff. If you do not have the vest and mirror, one will be provided. I do need you to have the bike.

Be assured that this film does not make fun of super-commuters. I can't share the concept here (cause it's so damn cool), but I will share it with you once I get the sense that you are serious. At that point, I have faith that you will like the concept. If you don't you can bail.

I can't pay you, let's get that straight. But it will be a super-cool movie and pretty damn funny. I will supply beer for an after-filming party.

Be prepared to invest the better part of a Sunday afternoon.

I have a camera guy and two main characters. Now I need the crowd.

Please email me at pdxbikerboy@hotmail.com