View Full Version : Squeeze play on 99W and Beef Bend Rd.

12-12-2008, 11:18 AM
Riding to Sherwood last night (12/11/08 ). I was riding on 99W in the bike lane approaching the intersection with Beef Bend Rd. when this happened. There were lots of cars stuck at the light (so I couldn't take the lane), and a TriMet bus was at the head of the line.

To my annoyance, the light changed from red to green. I saw that the bus was holding back. The optimist in me hoped that he knew I was back there and was holding traffic so I could make the intersection safely (stupid of me to think that).

I caught up to him and to my shock, he started moving, and soon was matching my speed with me directly alongside. I had visions of him drifting into the bike lane. Had he opted to stop at the stop there, I would have been squashed between the bus and the curb (or worse).

It was after dark, and my lights were set to "evil" (all flashing) to alert drivers to my approach of THIS intersection.

That intersection at Beef Bend is going to kill someone someday if it doesn't get improved.

Be Careful out there!