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06-08-2006, 03:47 PM
.... you will want to have a record of the serial number for the police report. This is what I have done with my bikes:
1. Create a folder on my computer called "bike inventory"
2. create a sub folder for each bike
3. put in that subfolder a couple of photos and a text file with a brief description including any identifying numbers
4. burn a backup CD of the bike inventory folder and keep it up to date by burning another CD whenever you make any changes or additions.

Here is a typical text file from my inventory:


Schwinn World Sport

This is a 1980 Schwinn World Sport men's bicycle. As of 06/08/2006, it has black foam handlebar grips, a black saddle, a black alloy rear rack and silver plastic fenders.

Color: red
Identifying numbers:
Serial number 45xxx9, on left rear dropout
Headbadge date code, 1260
buzz engraved on bottom bracket housing:
ODL29xxx24 and SS xxx xx 4035

There are additional photos of this bike on the internet at:



This bike was engraved many years ago before ID theft was a problem. Today, I would not put my SSN on the bike but that is what was recommended by the PPB back then.
There are other ways, spreadsheets etc., but I chose this because it contains only .txt and .jpg files and the CD can be used on most any computer if I give a copy to the Police or an insurance company.